Got Beer? Got Labels?



One of my on-going Art Projects has been a stool covered with beer labels.  I need a few more labels to finish it up, and would love to incorporate some of your favorites!!  If you are a beer-drinker, next time you turn the bottle up consider peeling it off, for “Art’s Sake”!!  Be in touch if you’d like to contribute! Cheers!!


About Lela Mac

I am in the process of retiring after teaching Art & Interior Design with the NC Community College system for about 30 years. One is required to take a minimum six month sabbatical from any state work once declaring the retirement process. When my six months have passed, I will continue to teach Art/Design as an on-line adjunct. My first classes taught were as a Graduate Assistant at ECU. Next, at the Community College through the Continuing Education Department (watercolor, drawing, color theory,). Later, I began teaching Art classes related to Interior Design, and served as the department chair. I was honored as the Carteret Community College 2003 recipient of the Excellence in Teaching award. Over the years, I have participated in various art shows in eastern North Carolina, including work displayed in Raleigh in the State Office of Community Colleges. I enjoy decorative/faux finish painting, and also painting on canvas. I was sponsored as an artist in the 2001 Red Wolf Ramble and granted an Honorable Mention for my NCSU Dining-sponsored “Canis Rufus Patrioticus”. A few other artistic endeavors include the illustration of a children’s book for a local author and fund-raiser art for Habitat for Humanity. Full Steam Ahead with my art!

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  1. just curious what you paid for the vintage metal porch chair? We were given 2 of these by my retired parents and after researching the stamp on the seat we found these to be dated to 40’s-50’s depending on the frame structure and whether there were drain holes in the seat. Trying to come up with a value of them and not finding much info. Thanks! Christine Emory

    • I did not pay a astronomical amount for my chairs, but they did require a lot of TLC. I did a lot of sanding, sealing.. My thought was that they would be very appealing with that “old, vintage-shabyy, rusty” look, however they haven’t sold. ($130 each, or 2 for $250)
      My original idea was to seal them, paint them a fun beachy color and paint an artsy design of some sort..however by the time I looked at the hours it would involve, I would have never re-couped my time/money. As someone told me the other day, companies are making them again, same vintage style..which probably takes away from their value. Did you find that the drain hole seated ones were higher value?

      • yes, we found the manufacturer stamp on the seat back, lower right hand if your facing them. Ours are Shott chairs, made by Balcrank Inc. After finding a blog about vintage metal chairs I found out that if the chairs have drain holes in the seats that makes them older, therefore a rare find. They are from the late 40’s- early 50’s. We don’t plan on selling them, but need a value for insurance reasons if they are over a certain amount. They have more sentimental value as I grew up sitting on them on the front porch 🙂 Thanks so much for responding! I had a hard time finding anyone with the exact same style chair we had…which makes me wonder about the rarity also.

      • How interesting! I appreciate the information. Mine do not have the drain holes, and I will have to look them over again for a brand/stamp, as I do not recall noticing one. Regarding growing up/sentimental value, I remember enjoying my grandmothers glider on her front porch, and would love to glide just one more time with her beside me!
        Lela Mac

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