It is Slowww-Going, Becoming “Tortoise”..


This is a section of a new mirror frame, I am currently painting. 

**I am planning in the next 2 weeks to have a small space, and be a vendor at a great shop in Morehead City.  Some of you already frequent De’ja Vu, looking for fun “finds”!  If not, then be sure to check it out at   They have new consignments/designs coming in everyday, and are known for their reasonable prices. It was actually a couple of my students that insisted I had to go check it out, Thanks Guys!  In the meantime, I will keep you posted on my progress of getting my “space” ready!

Thanks for your support/emails/encouragement, and constructive criticism.  Also, I love the beer labels! I will post on those again soon!

-Lela Mac



About Lela Mac

I am in the process of retiring after teaching Art & Interior Design with the NC Community College system for about 30 years. One is required to take a minimum six month sabbatical from any state work once declaring the retirement process. When my six months have passed, I will continue to teach Art/Design as an on-line adjunct. My first classes taught were as a Graduate Assistant at ECU. Next, at the Community College through the Continuing Education Department (watercolor, drawing, color theory,). Later, I began teaching Art classes related to Interior Design, and served as the department chair. I was honored as the Carteret Community College 2003 recipient of the Excellence in Teaching award. Over the years, I have participated in various art shows in eastern North Carolina, including work displayed in Raleigh in the State Office of Community Colleges. I enjoy decorative/faux finish painting, and also painting on canvas. I was sponsored as an artist in the 2001 Red Wolf Ramble and granted an Honorable Mention for my NCSU Dining-sponsored “Canis Rufus Patrioticus”. A few other artistic endeavors include the illustration of a children’s book for a local author and fund-raiser art for Habitat for Humanity. Full Steam Ahead with my art!

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  1. Hi Lela,
    Thanks for visiting my blog! Glad we’re “friends” now. Have fun with your new blog. It’s a great way to show the art we’re working on!

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