Vintage Lawn Chairs


Vintage Lawn Chairs

A few more coats of clear Rustoleum, then off to Deja Vu!!


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      • Hi Ms. Mac,
        Will these be for you or someone else?
        Where will they go? Because I sure would use these inside with a nice complimentary big floral print fabric in a color that is the undercoat color and the floral in a deep dark orange color. Just saying. I love these old chairs, they’re gorgeous……

        Your friend ♥

      • Thanks Gurlfriend! I just put some of my art, and some other funky stuff at Deja Vu..hope to get my vintage chairs in there by tomorrow! I love them too!

  1. So much character!!!! If those chairs could talk…hmm? I wonder the stories they could tell! Stories told while enjoying some sweet tea, a Cheerwine or a Coca Cola, homemade lemonade or some Piedmont moonshine! I wish I had room on a porch for them. Great job LelaMac!! I love the vintage look, preserving the many layers of history!

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