Change can be a good thing..



It seems the last six years have been one change after another! 

Yes, a lot of these changes have been scary… but well-worth the suffering mentally, financially and sometimes even physically!  No reason to get into those details, as many of you already know some of the changes that have taken place in recent years.  Ancient History!!

Regardless, it has all been worth it!  I am the happiest in my personal life that I can remember being in forever!

One recent change is that I have pulled all of my artwork out of DejaVu.  I hated to do it, as my work was really beginning to “move”, and I was so pleased!  However, the owner is bursting at the seams with all of the consignment furniture/pieces, and needed to utilize her space.  A couple of other smaller vendors also transferred their wares elsewhere.  No hard feelings, however next time I decide to place my work “out there”, I will make sure it is secured in writing for at least a six month time period.  I decided originally to have a vendor space on a whim, not thought out, or well-planned. (Imagine that, me?!) Live and learn!  Before I close this paragraph, I have to add to all out there, IF you are looking for some great used furniture/accessories at a good price, visit Deja Vu in Morehead City! Same goes, if you are trying to sell some!

So, now I am looking around and scoping out the territory, to decide where I might want to display some of my work.  There are a lot of places out there.  I’d like to place a few pieces somewhere locally. But, I’d also like to find a fun, different shop somewhere outside of Carteret County.  A few suggestions have been offered.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to share.


The other change is  at work.  I am excited (that may sound crazy), to simply be a full-time instructor. 

Beginning next semester, I will be transitioning from  the I. Design CAC position and slowly handing those reins over to Tammy (a most competent, long-time colleague). Afterall, she needs the practice before I retire!  This spring I get the opportunity to teach my first Success and Study Skills course.  A few years back (SACS was hovering near by),  I helped with constructing this course for new students.  It is a requirement in a lot of our programs, and I’ve been shadowing this semester.  Sitting in the back of the classroom, and listening to someone share information and ideas that the majority of us take for granted students already know, was like a breath of fresh air!  It was rejuvenating!  Reminding me of why I went into teaching all together.  Over the years (I don’t know about other faculty), I feel I have lost a little of that enthusiasm that I had years ago.  It is easy to forget after a while just what a difference you can make, especially with first impressions of college. 

Regarding the Interior Design department, I will still be teaching some of those classes (along with some classes in the Art department).  Afterall, that is my area of study.  The most exciting change with the ID dept, is the addition of new courses that will lead to certification with the National Kitchen & Bath Association.   It will be a major “stamp of approval” for the program and the students!  CCC will be the only two-year ID program with that stamp of approval!! 


So, there you have it!!  Change is in the air.. Yes, it is a bit scary.  It will require some adjustments, and there will be new bridges to cross, but well worth it (if it is like all the other changes I’ve experienced)! Prayers please!

Ms. LelaMac


About Lela Mac

I am in the process of retiring after teaching Art & Interior Design with the NC Community College system for about 30 years. One is required to take a minimum six month sabbatical from any state work once declaring the retirement process. When my six months have passed, I will continue to teach Art/Design as an on-line adjunct. My first classes taught were as a Graduate Assistant at ECU. Next, at the Community College through the Continuing Education Department (watercolor, drawing, color theory,). Later, I began teaching Art classes related to Interior Design, and served as the department chair. I was honored as the Carteret Community College 2003 recipient of the Excellence in Teaching award. Over the years, I have participated in various art shows in eastern North Carolina, including work displayed in Raleigh in the State Office of Community Colleges. I enjoy decorative/faux finish painting, and also painting on canvas. I was sponsored as an artist in the 2001 Red Wolf Ramble and granted an Honorable Mention for my NCSU Dining-sponsored “Canis Rufus Patrioticus”. A few other artistic endeavors include the illustration of a children’s book for a local author and fund-raiser art for Habitat for Humanity. Full Steam Ahead with my art!

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  1. “it;s always darkest before the dawn” … there have been a lot of sunsets and dawns; hopefully many more starry nights and bright sunny days ahead!!! It hasn’t ‘broke’ you; it’s all made you stronger!!! Constant love & prayers always!!!

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